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Practical Sail Training


Youth beginners courses

The Youth Sailing Scheme is normally completed in the clubs Toppers and Pico's.

We cover Stage 1 through to 4 and each stage is a two day course.

We normally run a course aiming to achieve a minimum Stage 2 during the summer months.


Adult beginners courses

The National Sailing Scheme is a series of two day courses for adults wanting to learn in dinghies, small keel boats and multi hulls.

Levels 1 through to 3 are offered but we would normally run a course aiming to achieve Level 2 standard during the spring/summer months.


We do endeavour to organise training courses to suit demand so if you are interested in taking an RYA training course then we would appreciate if you would complete our register interest form.  We can then keep you informed when your selected courses are next available.


RYA courses we offer



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Dates for your diary